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Mission & Objectives

1. This organization shall be a non-profit, social welfare organization.

2. Necessary programs for sustainable development will be conducted.

3. Necessary programs for natural calamities and disasters risk reduction will be done.

4. Special programs to enhance the livelihood of the poor, vulnerable and marginalized classes will be done.

5. Awareness programs for the development of organized and civilized settlements will be conducted.

6. Guiding the communities towards globalization by empowering them.

7. Building a self-reliant society by conducting trainings and programs that encourage self-employment.

8. Conducting essential programs related to plantation and prevention of environmental pollution and global warming.

9. Programs necessary to upgrade the community schools and libraries will be initiated.

10. Programs related to public health and public awareness will be conducted.

11. Utilization of various useful herbs will be emphasized by conducting research on their medicinal properties.

12. Religious and cultural places as well as traditions will be conserved and promoted.

13. Special initiative will be taken for environmental tourism by development and promotion of the tourism sector.

14. Programs needed to promote the modernization of agriculture and animal husbandry will be conducted.

15. Special programs for women, children, elder citizens and differently abled people will be done.

16. A good partnership and collaboration will be taken with related institutions at local level for the development of infrastructure such as road, irrigation, drinking water, health posts and toilets.

17. Particular initiative will be taken for the production and usage of small hydropower, wind energy, solar energy and biogas plants.

18. Scope of study and research will be elaborated.

19. Prior approval shall be taken from related institution before initiating any program.